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Building Your Greenhouse

The Omega Greenhouse
We need to eat year- round, not just during three to four months when the garden is in full production.
For most families, a combination of the 20′ X 12′ Omega Green House with an outdoor garden and possibly a temporary Hoop House allows them to grow and have abundant fresh food all year-round.

By studying principles from the Bible, principles and instructions from Ellen White’s writings, and carefully observing nature, we came up with a house like no other on Earth.

The key to food self-sufficiency is the 20′ X 12′ OMEGA GREEN HOUSE properly used. This is not a typical green house with the typical problems
What to Expect:
  • It is engineered and designed to be a warm growing house in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • It is extremely strong and will withstand 90 miles per hour winds.
  • Will hold 40 lbs. per sq. ft. snow loads and could easily be increased in strength for extreme conditions.
  • Side and roof panels are lightweight and can be easily taken down and stored for summer and just as easily re-assembled when cold weather threatens.
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