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Custom Mineral Blend - 64 sq.ft. Garden

Custom Mineral Blend - 64 sq.ft. Garden



Grow Your Own Nutrition is a custom-blend garden fertility program to balance and nourish your soil to produce what you want. Your blend of soil nutrients is based on the analysis of your sample and applied once annually.

Follow the instructions to gather and mail your soil sample using the soil test order form accompanying your order confirmation.

With your custom mineral blend, you will receive a free informational kit with recommendations to guide you through your growing season to harvest the richest "fruit of your labors." No other products are required (or items added) to nourish your plants. Follow the recommendations, and you will reap the abundance!

Enough for: 2 – 4’ X 8’ Beds

Free Informational Kit
Soil Test
Custom Blend of Minerals
Includes Primal Plant Food and Carbon Matrix
No Extra Shipping Charges

Cost Per Bed: $128

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Somerset CA, 95684
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